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On this page you will find all the main information about CoinBase to register, verify your account, buy and withdraw Cryptocurrency.

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Coinbase Registration

Install the coinbase pro app from the Playstore

Create an account. If you already have a Coinbase account you can enter your login details.

After registering, go to the login section and enter your login details.

Enter the verification code that was sent to your mobile phone.

Now go to your email and click on the "I authorize this computer" button. Refresh the page if necessary.

Proceed with facial verification if prompted.

Welcome. Now you can use coinbase pro.

Enter a bank account to purchase cryptocurrencies.

You will be directed to Coinbase on the browser. Enter your login information and proceed.

If you want to deposit cryptocurrency from an external wallet, choose which cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

Click on deposit.

Choose Crypto Adress

Receive a notification informing you about the transfer and available options.

Here you will find the address where you will have to make the deposit

Coinbase Pro API binding

Coinbase Pro API key application process.

If you don't have a coinbasepro account, please register first.

Click to API Settings

Enter your login details

Enter the code that was sent to your mobile phone

Create API: Click "+New API Key"

Customize your nickname
Check "View" "Trade"
insert Passphrase

Open the RoyalQ APP and select Coinbase Pro Api key

Copy the IP address

Paste the copied IP to the bound IP address and click Create

Copy "API Secret" and save it

Copy "API Key" and save it

Return to the RoyalQ quantitative platform APP, open the bind Coinbase Pro API key page, enter the API Key, Secret Key and Passphrase, check the third-party transaction function authorization agreement, and click "Bind" to complete the binding.

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