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Frequent questions

Are My Funds Safe?

The API used to link RoyalQ to Binance, Huobi or Coinbase only has reading and trading permissions. Users’ trading funds and earnings are in their own account, safe and verifiable. The permission can be revoked at any time. Moreover, no trading funds need to be transferred to the platform, the only necessary balance is the one used to cover the fees.

What are the RoyalQ Bot annual fees?

Now it is 120 USDT for a year

How much trading fees does RoyalQ charge?

20% of the profit only

I don't have trading experience, how can I make money in RoyalQ?

For starters, you can use RoyalQ Copy trade on the app and earn stable income.

How much profit can the BOT make in a day?

Roughly 1% - 5% per day, Crypto is 24/7 hence 10% - 50% or more per month (depending on crypto market). In RoyalQ you are free to determine the percentage of profit you want, because you have access to all trading settings in RoyalQ, so it will be easier for you to make big profits when the robot is working on trading.


What are the risks?

The best part is that there is no risk to RoyalQ because the capital and profits will be in your Binance / Houbi or Coinbase account, the bot does not exceed your funds and the bot does not incur any loss, unless you close it manually

What is the Benefit of Quantitative Trading?

It greatly reduces the impact of market volatility on investor sentiment and avoids making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic. It is an essential tool for investors to avoid human subjective errors of judgment. It also has the advantages of high efficiency, discipline, and systematics – saving labor costs. Quantitative trading requires a great deal to solve algorithms, and the traditional method is very expensive and is only used by hedge funds, large institutional investors and large corporations.

* Asians from Singapore launched the RoyalQ app in 2021, this app follows the (Royal Quantitative) trading platform that has been working with a smart quantitative strategy since 2017, this platform focuses on quantitative trading with artificial intelligence that provides users with customized trading strategies.

* This method enables any ordinary person who has no prior knowledge of trading with this robot and most importantly you can be worry free because your trading funds are saved in your Binance account, 100% under your control and profits are guaranteed.

How Does RoyalQ Makes Money with Quantitative Trading?

It uses advanced mathematical models to replace human subjective judgments, and computer technology to select a variety of “high probability” events that can lead to profits.

What Are Quantitative Transactions?

In the field of digital currencies, there are many types of quantitative transactions, such as cross-platform block movement, trend trading, and hedging transactions. RoyalQ quantification is like a trend of commercial arbitrage. The digital currencies are traded 24/7 in bulk at a high frequency, profiting from the slightest price variations.

What if my device is not connected to the internet?

Your robot will continue trading automatically if your device is disconnected or in offline mode.

Can my trading capital be reduced to 0?

No, because we are trading spot (not futures). There is no term mc (margin call) in the world of cryptocurrency trading and the RoyalQ team has selected the best coins on CMC which have a large trading volume.

Can RoyalQ take my trading balance?

RoyalQ cannot take our balance because the api system (application programming interface) during the connection between RoyalQ and binance only allows RoyalQ to update the balance and trade ..

Is there Customer Support For RoyalQ?

Yes, RoyalQ has customer support that works 24/7.

Is there copy trading in RoyalQ?

You can follow the copy trades in RoyalQ, we have the opportunity to trade smoothly without analysis and so on, because all trades are executed by professional cryptocurrency traders from all over the world.

Which copytrading group should I follow?

All groups allow you to generate income. Obviously some have settings and settings that allow you to have a higher gain. When choosing, you must take into account the capital you have available. In each group you will usually find a table with parameters that you can compare to decide whether to copy a certain group or another.

I mistakenly recharged other currencies to the RoyalQ platform, can I get it back?

The RoyalQ platform currently only supports TRC20-USDT Deposit. If you mistakenly Deposit other formats of USDT or other coins to the RoyalQ platform, theRoyal Q platform cannot retrieve it for you. Please carefully confirm the Deposit when you Deposit. Coins and format.

I can't log in to RoyalQ

Please log out and log in again or close the app and restart

No response when starting the robot?

Please check whether the fuel fee is sufficient, it needs to be higher than 10USDT.

Why hasn't I bought in for me after I started the robot?

Under normal circumstances, the robot will be bought immediately after starting the robot.

If you do not buy immediately, please check the following points:

1. Whether the API binding is correct, and whether the transaction is checked in the permissions of the API.

2. Is there a first-time preset price?

Can I sell manually?

You can sell manually at any time, just pay attention to the following points:

1. First click pause and then click clearance to sell

2. The total selling value of Binance must be higher than 10USDT, otherwise it will not be able to sell

The robot prompts that the balance is insufficient

Please check whether the balance in the RoyalQ account is sufficient. The robot fuel fee needs to be at least 10USDT to start, and the operation will stop if it is less than 2USDT.

I set a take profit of 1.3%, why the robot sells not 1.3%

When the market reaches 1.3%, the robot will start tracking and take profit, continue tracking, and sell when the market pulls back, and the profit after the sale needs to deduct the exchange fee, so it is normally between 0.6% and 0.8% , The market may rise more and the market decline may decrease, but it will not sell at a loss.

Why did my deposit or withdrawal not arrive?

Blockchain asset transfer is divided into three stages: Royal Q payment-block confirmation-counterparty payment.

In the first step, we will generate TXID within 30-60 minutes, which means that the transfer processing of our platform has been completed and the currency has been transferred to the blockchain.

In the second step, please click the "check" link at the end of Txid and open the corresponding blockchain browser to check the number of confirmations of the withdrawal.

The third step, if the blockchain shows that it is confirming or not confirming, please wait patiently for the confirmation of the blockchain. If the blockchain shows that the confirmation is complete, if you have not received the currency, but Royal Q has completed the transfer and cannot provide any more help, please contact the currency collection platform to post your account.

Note: If you click on the withdrawal confirmation email, a large delay may be caused due to block congestion. If there is still no Txid generated in the asset management-withdrawal history of your account after 6 hours, please re-feed the problem and attach:

‘Recharge or withdrawal or recharge history’ screenshot of the transfer;

We will process it as soon as possible. The priority of processing tickets without screenshots is very low.

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