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RoyalQ's marketing plan is designed in such a way that you can make money quickly if you are determined to promote the platform. The referral program is segmented into different tiers dedicated to making you earn passive income even when you stop promoting it. With only level 4 (V4), you can earn over $ 1000 on a daily basis with instant withdrawal if you wish.

To start promoting the platform you must first activate your RoyalQ account.

Explanation of the RoyalQ referral system or network marketing

The RoyalQ compensation plan or Network marketing is the key factor in the rapid popularity and market success of the app. It is designed in such a way as to leverage your referral activity in the system. That is, you could only report 2 people and still get rewards and commissions based on the people your referral has also referred to the platform.

Let's take a look at the reference structure.

RoyalQ V1 ($ 30 Commission)
At the first level, you will earn an instant commission of $ 30 on everyone you have referred and you will also earn a portion of the commission on all of your profitable downline trades. To reach the next level, it is necessary to refer directly to at least 3 people and indirectly or directly to 20 people.

RoyalQ V2 ($ 40 Commission)
At the second tier, you will receive a $ 40 direct referral bonus and a 30% reward bonus from your team's entire profitable trade. In addition, you will also earn a commission of $ 10 from each activation of new members from your downlines. From this level, you should be looking at 10 to $ 100 in daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team's activity

RoyalQ V3 ($ 50 Commission)
This tier gives you access to a $ 50 direct referral bonus and 40% team reward from your team's entire profitable trade. But to achieve this, you need 5 direct referrals and three V2 (level two) members of your team and a total of 100 team members to reach this level. At this stage, you will receive a $ 20 commission from your direct downline when they activate new members. And finally, you should be looking at 200 to $ 1000 in daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team's activity.

RoyalQ V4 ($ 60 Commission)
This tier gives you a direct referral fee of $ 60 every time you refer someone directly and a total of 50% reward for the trading team's profit. To reach this level, you need 8 direct referrals, three V3 (level three members) and a total team of 300 referenced directly or indirectly by you. Then you will receive an extra $ 30 commission when your direct downline activates new members. From this level, you should be looking at daily earnings of 1000 to $ 3000 without doing anything depending on your team's activity

RoyalQ V5 ($ 65 Commission)
This tier earns you a $ 65 commission and 55% team reward from your team's entire profitable trading. At this level, you must have directly referenced 12 people and three V 4s (level four members) plus one total team member of 800 referenced directly or indirectly by you. You'll also earn an instant $ 40 every time your downline refers someone new to the team. You should be looking at over $ 3000 in daily earnings without doing anything depending on your team's activity

RoyalQ V6 ($ 70 Commission)
This is the pinnacle of Royal Q's referral system and to reach this level, you must have directly targeted 20 bot users. Your instant referral fee at this level is $ 70, and you will also earn instant $ 50 every time your direct downline refers new users to the platform. Additionally, you earn a team reward of 60% from each profitable trade of your total team on a daily basis. Finally, in this phase, your daily income will be very high.

How to promote RoyalQ and make money

Before you start promoting RoyalQ for additional revenue, you need to understand how their marketing plan works. Knowing this will help you understand how to better promote the robot without struggling to make sales. RoyalQ's marketing strategy is an affiliate program that uses network marketing or multilevel marketing as a means to broaden its users. So, technically, you could start a business with RoyalQ by growing your team of marketers to promote the robot and make unimaginable passive income.

So how can you promote RoyalQ to make money? Below are the potential ways you can engage as a promotional plan.

1 Create a contact list

Create a list of 100 people you know physically or online and start contacting them about your new business. These contacts can include family members, friends, acquaintances, neighbors or co-workers or online friends that you have not physically seen. As you build your list, try to review them by giving more benefits to potential leaders. That is, someone who is more likely to refer to others as well. This way, your team will be able to grow much faster.

2 Offline seminars or online webinars

Seminars and webinars are one of the best methods marketers have used for centuries to close sales. If you have a prospect, try as much as possible to invite them to the daily zoom meeting held at RoyalQ. Or perhaps, if you could hold an offline seminar, this could also help convert your prospect into an active customer. Better yet, you could create an evergreen robot webinar and drive your traffic there.

3 Engage with social media

Social media is a marketing tool that helps brands and individual companies build their visibility. A social network helps you build a two-way connection with customers or potential customers. Social media can become a powerful tool for your business success if used appropriately. Let's take a look at social platforms and ways you can use social media to promote RoyalQ.

Facebook groups

Most of us are already familiar with how Facebook groups work. All you need to do is create a Facebook group around the cryptocurrency and introduce the RoyalQ bot as a way to make more money. You will need to introduce yourself as an expert in this field and offer free valuable content. So, as a solution to make more money with cryptocurrency, you can introduce the RoyalQ app with your referral link as a solution. This can really go a long way when you deliver highly engaging content with your group members and interact almost daily.

WhatsApp groups

It works similar to Facebook groups but on a personal level. If you can get people to join your WhatsApp group or add potential customers yourself, you could warm them up with posts and close sales there. People are more comfortable with WhatsApp these days, so try to add as many potential customers as you can get. When your group starts filling up, you can switch to Telegram, but before that WhatsApp can do a good job.

Run Google Ads

For those familiar with ads, you'd understand that Facebook ads won't work for RoyalQ due to the cryptocurrency involved. But what you can do instead is run Google ads. Search for similar keywords or how to earn keywords online to drive traffic to your page.
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