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Trading bot settings

To get started, go to a cryptocurrency from the main menu.

Click on "Trade Setting"

This is the screen on RoyalQ where you can set the trading parameters on cryptocurrencies.

How to set the menu items

First buy in amount

The share purchased when the robot is first started. This will be the reference value multiplied by the values ​​we are going to set in the next steps.

Open position double

If we activate this function, the bot doubles the first purchase of the cryptocurrency. For example, if we set $ 10, the bot will buy $ 20 as the first transaction. After opening, the purchase amount will be doubled each time the first order is purchased in the cycle and the position will be calculated based on the doubled first order amount

Margin call limit

These are the purchase levels that we want to set in our bot. Automatic is 7. To change this parameter just change the number. If we want to set all the parameters we have to go to the lower menu under "Margin configuration". We will find this screen.

In the left column we find the percentage of decrease of the coin. For example, in this figure above we find 3.5% as the first setting. In the right column instead at the top as the first setting we find the number 2. This means that if the cryptocurrency drops by 3.5% of its value, the bot will make a purchase of double the starting value we have set. So if the " First buy in amount " is set at $ 10 it will make a $ 20 purchase. In the second Call we set 4% and 4 Times. This means that if the coin drops by 4% the bot will make a purchase of 4 times the " First buy in amount ". These are just example settings and everyone can enter the values ​​they deem most suitable for the cryptocurrency they want to buy.

Whole position take profit ratio

This item indicates the gain we want to make for each position. That is the profit we will have on the sale of the cryptocurrency. It is usually best to set a low value such as 1.3%. Values ​​that are too high may not give the desired results. If the value is too high, the bot could take longer to make a sale based on the market trend on the crypto.

Whole position take profit callback

This is the margin of error on closing a transaction. For example, if we set 1.3% as the profit margin on the sale, with this setting the bot will close positions and sales between a profit value that will range from 1% to 1.3%. This setting allows us to optimize earnings.

Buy in callback

This is the percentage margin that the cryptocurrency must exceed to allow the bot to proceed with a new purchase of the cryptocurrency after having just sold it. This allows you not to immediately buy the crypto if its value does not rise. If the value is set to 0%, the bot will make a purchase immediately after selling.

Distributed and Take profit allocation

This item can be set if we have at least 5 on the "Margin call limit" item. By clicking we will find this screen.

This item is the "SUB Position". Basically this setting is telling the Bot: Don't wait for the bot to average the price of the whole position and make 1.3% profit, but make 1.3% starting from the fifth position. This setting allows you to optimize the profits deriving from the bot.

Sub-Position take-profit callback

This is the percentage change before the bot proceeds with a new purchase. Set this item between 0.2% and 0.5%. In split position mode, when the preset take profit ratio is reached, the preset take profit callback ratio must be called before the system activates the take profit.

After you have finished configuring you can go back to the main cryptocurrency session and click on the " Start " button to start automatic trading.

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