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Huobi application API key process

1. Log in to the official website of Huobi Global

Use a browser to log in to Huobi official website,

If you don't have a Huobi Global account, please register first.

2, get the API

a. Click on the avatar-click "API Management";

b. Create API: custom remarks-check "read", "transaction"-click "create";

c. Enter the security verification-click "Confirm" to create a successful

3, check the Read and Trade

4, open the Royal Q APP to copy the IP address

5. Copy the IP and paste it to the bound IP address, click create

6, get the verification code and Confirm

7. Copy Access Key and Secret Key

8. Return to the RoyalQ quantitative platform APP, open the Huobi APIkey binding page, enter the Access Key and Secret Key and check the third-party transaction function authorization agreement, and click "Send" to complete the binding.

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