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How to associate Huobi API keys

Huobi application API key process

1. Log in to the official website of Huobi Global

If you don't have a Huobi Global account, please register first.

Second, get the API

Use the latest version of the Huobi App.

Open the Huobi app and click on your avatar on the top left.

CLick to login

CLick "General"

CLick " Api Managment"

CLlick " Create Api"

Enter the name you want to give this Api key.

Click "Trade"

Open the ROyalQ App and click " API binding"

Choose Huobi exchange

Please use the latest IP adress

Click " Copy IP"

Now go back to the Huobi App and copy the IP address

Click " Confirm"

Get verification code

Enter the verification code you received in your email and click "Confirm"

Well done. You have now created your API key. Now you have to associate the Huobi Api key with the RoyalQ App.

Copy Huobi's Access key.

Open the RoyalQ App and paste the Huobi Api key.

Now go back to the Huobi App and copy the secret code.

Now go back to the ROyalQ App and paste the secret code.

Send the verification code and enter the code you received in your email

Check "Risk notice" and click " Bind"

Congratulations you have linked Huobi's API keys to RoyalQ

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