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How to associate Binance API keys

Log in to Binance Exchange(

Apri la tua App Binance

Click "More" on the Homepage

Scroll down the page and look for "API Management". Click and continue

Enter a name you want to give this API key and click to "Create API"

Send the verification code to your email and phone

Enter the codes you received and click on "Submit"

Well done . You have created the Binance API key.

Now you need to go to "Edit" to edit this API key.

Check Enable spot & margin trading

Check "restrict access to trusted IPs only "

Now open the RoyalQ App and from the homepage open the API Binding entry

Choose Binance Exchange

Click "Copy IP"

Retur to the Binance API page and paste the IP code you copied.

You will find this screen.

Remember to save the secret code on a notepad on your mobile phone because you will not be able to view it afterwards.

Click on save.

Get the phone verification code

Enter the code you received and click on "Submit"

Now copy the Binance API key.

Retur to RoyalQ App and enter the API key

Retur to Binance App and copy the secret key

Retur to RoyalQ App and enter the secret key

Send the verification code and insert the verification code.

Check "Risk Warnig Book" e click to "Bind"

Congratulations you have associated the Binance API keys.

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