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How to withdraw money from your RoyalQ account

When you have other people sign up under your account, you will receive bonuses. You will find this money on "Resource".

1) Set up a USDT pickup address.

2 Set a password for transactions.

3 Withdraw your money.

Step 1

Click on mine

Click on "Security Center"

Click on "Withdrawal adress management"

Click the + button on the right to add a new USDT withdrawal address.

Add new USDT-TRC20 address where you want to withdraw your money. Enter a name to remember which account this address is associated with. Click on the "Confirm" button.

Send the verification code in your email and enter it where it is requested. Click on the "Confirm" button.

After entering your USDT withdrawal address, you need to click on this icon at the top.

Check the Whitelist option and save.

Step 2

Now go back to the main menu and click on the Transaction password

Enter a password for transactions on RoyalQ. Send the verification code in your email. Enter the code received and click on the "Confirm" button.

Step 3

Now go back to the main menu. Click on the Asset for Withdrawal money

Click on the icon on the right and select the USDT address you created earlier. Then click on the "Confirm" button.

1) Enter the amount of coin you want to withdraw

2) Enter your transaction password

3) Click on send verification code

4) Enter the verification code you received on your email

5) Click on Confirm Withdrawal

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