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How to get out of sync and change strategy
To remove the synchronization with a strategy circle you have to proceed in this way. Go to the App menu at the bottom of the Circle button. Enter the strategy circle you are associated with.

Click the Cancel Sync button. Then go back to the main menu. You will see the crypto that the bot has bought. Now you have to manually sell these cryptocurrencies. To proceed go to the RoyalQ App on the Homepage. In this area you will see the cryptocurrencys it is working on. Now select a cryptocurrency.

You will find a menu similar to this figure. Click on the Sell button. RoyalQ will sell this crypto on your Binance, Huobi or Coinbaase account.

If you are using Huobi, the screen you will find will look similar to this figure below.

Click on the Market price button to sell the crypto at the market price. Enter 100% to sell all crypto.

After you have sold all the crypto, go to your Binance or Huobi wallet to check that all the cryptocurrencies have been sold.

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